Archive Project at Farrow Design

After returning back to the UK from Converse, I needed to involve, experience and learn as much as I could. The opportunity to help Mark Farrow to archive all of his old work would be a great learning opportunity. Farrow Design worked and designed a vast array of projects so learning from both Mark and Gary would be an amazing chance to learn directly from the best. From walking into Farrow design, you could immediately sense the scale of design that they were involved in. They are one of the biggest studios around with clients ranging from The Pet Shop Boys, Peyton & Byrne, Creamfields, Spiritualized, Craig David and many more. It was like walking through an art gallery with so much to look at.

During the next 2 weeks, a team of us would sort through all of Mark’s old projects, works, designs.. literally everything you can imagine. It was really insightful as it gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about design especially his method, process and approach to each of his projects. As well as a great learning experience, we were also given a variety of his old work including Manic Street Preachers Posters, Books, CD’s, a rare Hacienda Poster from their final birthday event to name a few.


Mark 1


Mark 2



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