An Introduction to Converse | DPS Year

Since a very young age, I had always had a strong passion for trainers and everything related. Converse Chuck Taylors were an essential in my trainer rotation; probably for the last 15 years, and for also many other people. This was always a dream for me and to even have the opportunity to work at Converse was incredible. I started my internship in September and straight from the beginning it was an amazing experience. The Converse building was situated in Hilversum, The Netherlands, right by the Nike EHQ building. As Nike bought Converse a few years ago, we were always involved and heavily integrated with Nike. Whether it was through events, moments or projects, it allowed you to meet people from all over the world in so many different places.

The internship spanned 6 months in which I was heavily involved in day-to-day tasks of a designer in the team. When I started, the whole design and marketing team totalled to be around 8 people, including me. The following weeks the whole team multiplied and there were new faces everywhere. You could sense a change in brand direction for Converse, and this was an exciting time to be part of a new team.

The design and marketing team worked closely together on every project. Every task or plan would involve a variety of people from the marketing team and you would end up working with a new person on most days. This allowed me to really get involved in the team and start to understand the way a huge company like Converse works through every stage of a project. Everything was closely looked at, analysed, debated and executed with intent.

My role as a designer was to pretty much learn about the role of a junior designer and specific tasks and projects I would be working on. This varied from a range of different design tasks such as creating assets for the dot-com team, apparel design, banners, flyers, posters and installations to name a few.I was lucky enough to have a close relationship with the new junior designer and was able to shadow her sometimes. She was extremely talented and I was able to learn a lot from her. Ranging from technical skills, to approach, programs, methods and execution; she had so much talent and it was great to learn from such a skilled designer.


Entrance to Converse









Nike React




Converse x JW Anderson







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